July 1, 2020

NHSCA Advisory Council Approved by National Leaders in Home Services

Lenexa, KS, June 16, 2020 – At its national meeting on June 11, The National Home Service Contract Association (NHSCA) announced the formation of a home services resource group to be known as the NHSCA Advisory Council. The purpose of the council is to identify and study important issues facing the service contract industry and making recommendations and improvements for the consumers our members serve.

The Council will include existing NHSCA members and as well as external business leaders nationwide. The inaugural chair of the Council is Randy Whitehead, President of National Service Alliance of Salt Lake City. “The Advisory Council is just our next step after provider accreditation to take us to the next level” noted John Walsh, General Counsel with Cinch Home Services of Boca Raton, Florida and the NHSCA’s newly elected President.

The home services space is expanding and becoming more critical to consumers both in real estate transactions and increasingly, with existing homes. Whole home service contracts, (traditionally called ‘home warranty’) are standard in real estate transactions and still account for about 2/3rds of all contracts sold nationally. ” However Art Chartrand, NHSCA Exec Director and Chief Counsel reported that “ The direct market to consumers of customized service plans covering appliances and systems of their choosing and on consumer’s own terms are the emerging growth sector. We need to manage that growth through proven and quality providers who work with us and regulators to best serve the consuming public. The NHSCA Advisory Council is a resource to get us there quickly and more efficiently by engaging all stakeholders in the home services space.”

Whitehead added, “We are excited to more formally work with home warranty providers to serve our mutual clients.” We expect the council to grow in size and input as others in the home services space realize we are at the hub of innovation and communication. We believe state legislators, regulators, other stakeholders in home services and consumers themselves expected us to

take this step. We are up to the challenge.”

An annual industry-wide national symposium on home services and home warranty is under development to bring the industry together and generate excitement for collaboration on important issues. The Advisory Council is charged with helping to bring that symposium to fruition. Whitehead reported the group plans regular video conferences beginning this month to start executing its mission. “We are beyond simply ideas,” touted Whitehead, ‘this is a group of proven companies that get things done.”