Marblehead Harbor from EYC, Marblehead, Mass.
Marblehead Harbor from EYC, Marblehead, Mass.

Join Us for our 2016 National Meeting

June 10, Marblehead, MA

All of our members are invited to our annual meeting. For 2016, we will meet in the quaint seaside village of Marblehead, MA, just 18 miles north of Boston. We look forward to seeing you there!

Contact us for details, read more about our National Meetings or contact us about membership.


About NHSCA Membership

Representatives of NHSCA member companies meet annually.
Representatives of NHSCA member companies meet annually.

The members of the NHSCA are reputable, licensed home service contract providers in good standing, domiciled in various states across the nation. All members adhere to a strict Code of Ethics which promotes sound and ethical business practices. The purpose of the Association is to nurture the home service contract industry and it’s use by the public nationwide.

All NHSCA member companies have an NHSCA issued Company Code. This is a six digit code which reassures you are dealing with a home service contract provider that is genuine and in compliance with appropriate state laws and regulations. The “NHSCA Co-Code” signifies you are dealing with a professional and reputable provider that is known and established in the industry, among REALTORS and has a track record of experience.

Previous National Meetings

2015 Seattle, WA
2014 Austin, TX
2013 Santa Rosa, CA
2012 Chicago, IL
2011 Las Vegas, NV
2010 San Diego, CA
2009 San Francisco, CA
2008 Kansas City, MO

The Association management team is in regular contact with members. Representatives of each member company gather once a year for an annual conference to elect officers, discuss legislative issues, industry developments and other issues impacting the home service contract industry. Meeting locations rotate each year and have included San Diego, Las Vegas, Kansas City and Seattle. The annual meeting serves to strengthen the organization by allowing members to connect socially.

Photos from our 2015 National Meeting in Seattle, WA

The 2015 annual membership meeting was held in Seattle. 2015 NHSCA Member Meeting- Seattle

Join the NHSCA

Click here to download the NHSCA Membership Application.

If you are a home service contract company seeking NHSCA membership, please contact:

NHSCA Administrative Offices
Phone: 913-871-5600

Please verify with each company for availability in your area.